About Us

Lady Oh Janey started with an image of a lady who loves fashion from the past while enhancing her skills and knowhow of modern fashion. It reveals the true identity of a strong willed, passionate woman, eager to inspire modern women with her wit, love for fashion, passion for art, and creative designs. Lady Oh Janey believes that life is created of "All the lovely things" which people are bestowed since born. The creations of the designer are solefully meant to spark our daily lives.



Lady Oh Janey is a design and fashion brand which is all about the creation of Parisian inspired clothing pieces, lovely patterns and intricate fashion design illustrations. The artist aims to have these patterns produced in a wide variety of accessories and clothing for women and girls. Lady Oh Janey mixes her love of florals, fashion and pastel tones. All the clothes are made in limited quantities and can be sent back to us for recycling or donation. Lady Oh Janey would also like to share her love for food, travel, diy and motivational stories through her blog. Discover more about the brand, the newest clothing collection and her art pieces by subscribing to our mailing list.



Jodi Balagtas is the artist and creative director of Lady Oh Janey. She is a Manila born artist, globe trotter and a fashion illustrator. She has lived in three different countries and calls herself a citizen of the world. She would like to mix her time travelling, designing and painting. All her fashion illustration pieces are painted using watercolor and cold pressed acid free watercolor sheets (250gsm/95 lb). Her watercolors are from Alpha Colors, Winsor & Newton and Sennelier. The brushes being used range from Silver Brush, Raphael, Meeden, Da Vinci and Pentel. The artist is currently located in Paris, France.


The clothes and accessories are currently produced in three different locations (United Kingdom, United States, and France)


Interested in collaborations, custom or bulk orders? Send us an inquiry at contact@ladyohjaney.com