Floral Painted Dress

Creating that floral dream dress 

I have been recently dreaming of having my watercolor florals turn into a ball gown or a dress. So instead of waiting for that to happen, I painted a design I would like to make someday. 

Since I am a big fan of pearls, I always add long layers of pearl necklaces on my pretty ladies. I have added puffed ruffled sleeves while designing this dress which in real life it would look so dreamy and soft. The colors of the skirt were based on my mood. I just tried to have fun creating this piece and I was pretty satisfied with the result. It is really therapeutic when you start painting for the love of painting. Before, I used to let all the voices inside my head affect the way I paint. If you're also in the same place as me, try to just have fun. And I know you've probably read that many times like I did too. If it's still not working, just let go of it and trust yourself that you will one day be in that position. It'll be sooner than you think!

I have also made a bag design which in my mind was made of black bamboo shaped like pearls with beading.  

Every stroke actually mattered to me since I really love using watercolor to design my pieces. I always have to fight with patience and also natural light. The best time is of course in the morning. What I love about living in France is that from Springtime to late Autumn, it's bright from as early as 5:30 am 'til 10 pm. 

Even if I didn't get to create many pieces during the winter, I am hoping to finish my 150-day challenge of painting and illustrating fashion. 

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Here's the final piece. More to come!

Materials used:

1. Sennelier Aquarelle Set 

2. My €2 brush set which surprised me too but recently it has been my favorite!

3. Canson Aquarelle Paper 300gsm/140lb from BHV Marais Paris  


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